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Automation, AI, and Interim projects

A strength of THM is the ability to take on challenging projects that need a flexible approach and a custom solution that fits the business' resources and strategy. These days a lot can be achieved with relatively cheap technical solutions. 


Your own Netflix platform?

That's the Spirit wanted to have their own subscription video on-demand over-the-top streaming platform, just like Netflix. As a start-up, That's the Spirit was limited in budget so we evaluated the options for them and came up with the solution to work with an Indian supplier specialized in developing over-the-top platforms. THM guided that project until succession.

During the development, That's the Spirit also got other technical needs. When they moved to a new office building, THM helped with setting up the office network so everyone had good internet access, with a special access for guests, a network attached storage unit for backups, and some in-house servers.


That's the Spirit needed a flexible solution to be able to send the customers emails for different situations, analyze business metrics, and send invoices with new payments. To connect and automate these processes, N8N was chosen. THM facilitated these elaborate workflows that would run automatically based on the customer's scenario.


That's the Spirit wanted to sell online courses from other course owners in their own webshop. When a course was bought in the webshop, the customer had to be given access to the Learning Management System of the course owner and That's the Spirit would pay out monthly the pre-arranged commission to the course owner. With Zapier THM built an elaborate but simple workflow that would give the customer immediate access to the course, send the customer an accompanying email, and register the transactions in a file to support the monthly payouts.

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