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As an entrepreneur you want to focus on your core business and you want to grow without butting your head against walls. With T-House Management we facilitate stable, fast, secured, and scalable hosting that supports businesses that are growing!

Our hosting is


By definition, web servers should be very stable. That is why we use a Linux distribution that has been specially developed to serve as a web server and has been adopted as one of the standards in the industry.


By using caching and the best hosting technologies, the website speed is optimal. This is not only good for the visitor, but also important to be rated higher by search engines.


Secure SSL connections are necessary for a safe internet connection and search engines agree with this. In addition, encrypted off-site backups ensure that data is properly secured should something unthinkable happen.


Nothing is more annoying than hitting a wall when things are going well. If your website or webshop receives a lot of visitors, it is nice to know that the server capacity can easily be increased. This way you can immediately focus again on this wonderful development in your company.


Zulip for That's the Spirit

That's the Spirit was looking for a way to facilitate clear communication with their workforce, contractors, and suppliers. Zulip is a team chat software that uses a unique 'threading model' feature to better organize chat conversations. For That's the Spirit, we set up their own Zulip server.

Nextcloud for SRL

SRL is a non-profit organization that needed a secure application for their board members for storing documents, much like Dropbox, but it also needed to facilitate collaborating online, have the ability to access the files in case a board member would suddenly be unavailable in case of an emergency, and to make the transition to new board members smooth and easy. For that, a Nextcloud server was set up that fulfilled all those needs.

Wordpress for That's the Spirit

For That's the Spirit we set up several Wordpress servers. One Wordpress server was to facilitate their webshop. In addition we also made it technically possible to serve two domain names on one Wordpress installation for easier management of the webpages. So besides shop.thatsthespirit.nu a specific page for job applications was served on a different domain name.

We are very satisfied with the services provided by T-House Management, the design and updating of the website and bringing the administration into the Cloud. The expertise, thinking along with the customer and an excellent price/quality ratio go together at T-House Management. The choice for T-House Management made three years ago has proven to be a very good one!

Rob van der Meijden

Chairman SRL (2019 - 2022)

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