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Get a professional website, tailored to your specific business needs. Do you need a simple website so your customers can easily find you online? Or a heavy webshop that is connected to your bookkeeping, email marketing, and warehouse? With T-House Management, we offer custom tailored solutions that are in alignment with your business and strategy. 

A website for a bright future

SEO ready

SEO is what makes search engines rank your website higher in the search results. Though SEO is more than just the website, we make sure that the website technically uses the best SEO practices.

Webshop support

Want to sell a few online products? Or a thousand physical products? Whatever you want to sell, we support your business by providing the right webshop software for your operations.

Mobile and tablets

More than 60% of Google search-queries come from mobile users. The growth of smartphone visitors has increased exponentially the last couple of years and it is still increasing. A good mobile website is therefore no longer a luxury, but a necessity.



This website has been custom made for the podcast Epoché. A special feature was built so the website can be served in 5 different languages. The technical needs for this website were small, which made it possible for the website to be hosted for free. 

Donations for The Trueman Show was made with website software that made it impossible to integrate it with a certain payment provider to receive donations. As a solution, we set up a small wordpress server, set up the existing plugin for receiving donations, and customized the page to be in line with the style of the website.

Webshop That's the Spirit

That's the Spirit needed a dedicated webshop for their products. Access to the server was needed for the webshop to facilitate connections with their delivery partners. As a solution, we set up a Wordpress server, implemented the connections, and customized the theme to their corporate style.

"This website was created in collaboration with Jos Tijhuis, with whom it was very pleasant to work with. Jos has the unique talent of being a programmer who also understands human language and can make the translation between the technical execution and what you want effortlessly. Do not hesitate to contact him if you want to start your own podcast or website."

Brecht Arnaert

Podcast Epoché

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